Fun in the Sun! 


Floating Bliss SUP Yoga is based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Just as our name suggests we perform yoga on a stand up paddle board. This type of approach to yoga offers a whole new perspective to being fully present in the moment, while enjoying the splendor of floating on water.

We offer Adult Paddle + Yoga classes, Paddle Only classes, Private lessons, and Mobile classes for your special events. Floating Bliss also offers military discounts to our service men/women and their family. (Contact Us for military discount details.)

As a mobile business we are able to travel to you, bringing with us the necessary equipment; paddle boards, paddles, and anchors. Whatever occasion it may be; a family reunion at your remote cabin/lake home, a bachelorette party, athletic team building or work retreat, Floating Bliss SUP Yoga will facilitate a fun, vitamin D producing, tension releasing, nature infused experience!


 Bliss on the Water


Owner and instructor Sandy LaValley has been teaching yoga since 2011.  She experienced SUP Yoga for the first time in 2015, and immediately fell in love with the challenge of connecting breath and movement while maintaining balance on the stand up paddle surrounded by Mother Nature!

Sandy is certified by YogaFit® and completed FloYo® Instructor Training through World Paddle Association.

Her teaching focuses on creating a peaceful and playful practice. She invites students to join her on the water, under the open sky, feeling the radiant sunshine connecting to the natural world that brings a sense of freedom, peace and joy!


Sandy’s advice for first-time SUP folks

You don’t need super natural flexibility or amazing balance to try SUP yoga. Come as you are. It is easier than you think. The ability to swim and a desire to try are all that’s necessary.

While the SUP yoga experience is completely different from a studio yoga practice, the yoga philosophy remains the same on the board; still the mind and unify body, mind & spirit. Practicing in the open sky and feeling connected to the natural world quickly brings a sense of freedom, peace and joy to the yoga.

Focusing on the breath and awareness of your movements are key to maintaining balance on the board. The focus and ease come with time as you practice and will help to develop mindfulness. And what happens if you lose your balance? Don’t worry, it’s a soft landing and you’ll only get wet! Letting go of the fear is part of the challenge. Sometimes we fall, we get back up, and we try again. It’s part of life and definitely part of the fun of SUP yoga. Most importantly, it is meant to be lots of fun!

Class always begins with getting comfortable on the board, along with basic paddling tips and instruction. We paddle together until we reach a calm destination to anchor. The yoga practice begins with warming up slowly and getting adjusted to how the board feels while sitting or kneeling. Many of the same poses done in a studio can be done on the board. Positioning of the hands and feet may be different to create more stability.

What happens if you get out there, freak out, and can’t find your balance on the board? Everyone is encouraged to respect and honor their own limits; everything can be modified to your comfort level. Finding balance on the board can be challenging and yet it is very rewarding. The constant motion of the water under the board fires up the stabilizing muscle groups and the core in ways that a land practice does not require.

In my opinion, nothing beats ending in Savasana (Corpse Pose - laying flat on your back) floating on the board. This final resting pose is where all work assimilates and rejuvenates the body in a deep rest. Feeling the warmth of sun on the skin, the sounds of nature, and the gentle lull of the water beneath you leaves you thoroughly relaxed and gratified. As you paddle back to land with a sense of empowerment and fulfillment you may realize it’s not just about SUP yoga, it’s another opportunity to believe in yourself, challenge your limits, and rise above your fears.

See you on the water.


Serious Fun for Everyone


We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your Floating Bliss SUP Yoga experience. If you can’t find the question or answer you’re looking for, please Contact Us.



What exactly is a stand up paddle board?

A stand up paddle board (SUP) is like a giant surfboard, around 10 foot long they are very stable. You stand up on them and use a paddle to maneuver through the water. In our SUP Yoga classes they act like a floating yoga mat. The boards are firmly anchored during the class so you won’t move around too much or float away.

What is stand up paddle board yoga (SUP Yoga)? 
Stand Up Paddle board Yoga is yoga performed on a paddle board.

Do I need to know how to swim?
Yes. Because the body needs to move freely on the board, we do not wear life vests or the board’s ankle leash during the yoga practice portion of class. If you fall in, you must be able to tread water, swim back to your board and climb back on.

What should I wear?
Wear clothing such as yoga shorts or pants. Something you feel both comfortable doing yoga in and aren’t worried about adjusting or falling out in certain places, but most of all something you don’t mind getting wet.

What should I bring?
A water bottle to stay hydrated, sun block, a towel, change of clothes, and water shoes or sandals are highly recommended as the boat landing/beach we launch from may have small rocks or slippery spots. You can take them off once you’re on the board and secure them under the bungee cord (tether).

Can I come on my own?
Of course you can, many people choose to attend the class independently and there is a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere. You’ll have a great time and meet new friends!

How much does a Floating Bliss class cost?
Single classes cost $30, $25 if you bring your own board. We offer a variety of class options to accommodate those who want to partake more frequently.  

What is included in the cost of the class?
Use of stand up paddle boards, paddles, a short SUP lesson, and a guided paddle and yoga lesson.

If I bring my own board will the cost of the class be reduced?
Yes. Your class cost will be reduced by $5.00.

I've never been on a stand up paddle board before, is that ok?
Absolutely! You don’t need to have been on a stand up paddle board before to be able to take part in the class. The boards are securely anchored and easy to get on to from the shore.

I’ve never been on a SUP board, will I fall in?
Maybe. Our exploration lifts off when we touch down and observe the mind’s tendencies when falling happens. The practice is to jump back onto the board and give every movement, every breath 100%.

What if I fall in all the time and can’t balance at all?
You won’t! You really will be surprised at how stable the stand up paddle boards are. Yes, falling in is all part of the fun but you might shock yourself at how steady and stable you feel during the class.

I have never practiced yoga before and I’m not very flexible or strong, will it be too difficult for me?
Not at all, we have plenty of people who have never tried yoga before join a class. There are options for every level and you will have loads of fun and challenge yourself to your own ability whether you are an advanced yogi or a total beginner. You can rest whenever you need to, sitting or lying on the board is really easy and so relaxing.

I’m not in the best shape, will this be a lot of core work?
Your core will get a workout…as well as legs and arms, but you can do it! We find that building a strong and flexible body and mind are the side effects of enjoying movement melded with breath on the beautiful water. By being completely in the moment, surrounded by nature and your supportive peers, you will gain a strong core while having fun!.

How many people are in a class?
To ensure individual attention for each student, each class allows for a maximum of 8 participants. This is all the more reason to register for your class early and to be sure to inform Floating Bliss SUP Yoga if you must cancel your attendance so that someone else may take your place.

Are you available for private lessons?
Yes! Simply email us the times you’d like a private lesson and the number of participants and we’ll set something up!

What is your cancellation policy?
Because we keep the classes limited to 8 people to afford each student specialized attention, it is important that you notify us of a cancellation 8 hours before the class start time so that someone else can take your place. To cancel your class, please send us an email telling us the day and time of the class you wish to cancel — and if would like to reschedule or receive a refund. 

Will you still hold classes when it’s raining?
If a storm is a brewing and the wind and rain prove to be too strong for a practice, Floating Bliss SUP Yoga will contact you by phone at least one hour before your class start time. Please be sure to include the best phone number to reach you at when registering online for classes.

What if it's really windy? Is class cancelled?
We will hold class, however, 15 mph winds or higher may prohibit anchoring and doing yoga. In this case, class may consist of a great upper body and core workout with yoga to follow on land! 

Can I book a private group class?
Yes! We can arrange special group events including family reunions, church family picnics, bachelorette groups, work retreat as well as private one to one and small group SUP Yoga sessions.