Paddle Core & More


Paddle Core & More

from 25.00

This (more) athletic-based 90-minute class will ignite your core. Students will warm up with a semi-vigorous paddle to get the heart rate up then anchor for a beautiful vinyasa flow of sun salutations, warriors, planks, balance poses and Pilates exercises. Every class will end with a tranquil deep relaxation creating a unique experience unlike any other. Modifications will be shared to accommodate ALL levels from beginners to advanced. Bring a friend or two to share this amazing experience combining yoga with nature.

*Class is $25 per student when you bring your own equipment.

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SUP Board Weight Restrictions
Adult Explorer: Up to 275 lbs
Kids: (43” – 63” height) Up to 130 lbs

Release / Liability Form
To participate in this class you will need to fill out and sign the Floating Bliss SUP Yoga Agreement of Release and Waiver of Liability. Repeat students must fill out a form each time you participate in a class.