Boys Empowerment SUP Yoga Camp


Boys Empowerment SUP Yoga Camp


Our one-day SUP Yoga camp includes 3 hours of activity on land and water at beautiful Coon Fork Lake County Park in Augusta, Wisconsin. This summer adventure is guaranteed to empower, exhilarate and exhaust your children.

They will experience a new freedom, learning water safety, paddling techniques, how to stand up paddle (SUP), as well as explore movement and mindfulness while practicing a few yoga poses. Falling in, and enjoying the splash will be part of the fun.

Our morning sessions cater to kids ages 7 – 11, and afternoon sessions cater to kids ages 12 – 15. No experience is necessary. All equipment is provided. Life vests will be available. If you have one feel free to bring your own. Space is limited to 6 kids per session.

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SUP Board Weight Restrictions
Kids: (43” – 63” height) Up to 130 lbs
Adult Explorer: Up to 275 lbs

Release / Liability Form
To participate in this class you will need to fill out and sign the Floating Bliss SUP Yoga Agreement of Release and Waiver of Liability. Repeat students must fill out a form each time you participate in a class.